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Life from the Dead - Men of Great Faith - Part 2

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Thursday, February 10, 2011, In : Faith 

Life from the Dead – Men of Great Faith – Part 2

Men who changed history

Nine generations from our father Noah, a person arises, something happens in the life of one of Shem's great great great great great grandchildren. 

Just before I, Shem, must be placed in the grave by the bones of my fathers. My great great great great great great great grandson hears once again the prompting of the same Voice my father heard before the Great devastation. The same Voice that guided my dad to build th...

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Life from the Dead - Men of Great Faith - Part 1

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Thursday, February 10, 2011, In : Faith 

Life From The Dead – Story of True Faith

About 4 years ago I wrote on this blog on the foundation of our faith --- literally viewed as “life from the dead” In this article I chronicled the struggle of Noah and Abraham to do the hard things they were told to do by an invisible God through the medium of His Spirit and through instrumentality of His Holy Angels.

Noah – a man who stepped up in a difficult time

A dark mist hangs over my head and darkness, judgment looms over all of my fe...

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Why I believe

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Thursday, January 13, 2011, In : Faith 

Why I believe

The word of God reveals many things to us about life, history, and details about the workings of the universe. 


Most importantly though, God's word reveals His power in the life of people who have simply taken His heavenly words revealed to them to heart, and put them into action. 


Humans, just like you and me, made of the dust, were willing to walk toward a humanly invisible reality called heaven. A place which contains the glory of God's eternal presence without the mitigatio...

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Faith to Find Our Calling

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Monday, September 13, 2010, In : Faith 

I hope that you can agree with me on this simple topic that, “without faith it is impossible to please God!”   

For many of you, young men and women, the question remains, “How do I show my God, my personal faith?” 

I believe that in order to “show” God that you are trusting Him exclusively, you must, in the first place, “learn” what you are being called to do for God. 

And it takes time to gain knowledge of God and His Voice. His ways are not our ways nor are His thoughts our ...
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The Cry of Faith!

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Monday, January 25, 2010, In : Faith 

In a world that is going to get more and more difficult on the true believer, a heartfelt “cry” of faith, is the most powerful weapon to save a desperate man or woman from from the “woes” of emotional, physical, and spiritual anguish.  The man or woman of G-d who cries out the Living G-d, by faith, will find real help but it must contain a full commitment to serve this G-d we are crying out to.  The heartfelt “cry” of one man, from the depths of his heart, can rearrange history an...

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Life From the Dead - Abraham's obedience

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Thursday, December 31, 2009, In : Faith 

A dark mist hangs over our drooping heads.  The times seem so filled with great stress as swords clash in the heights.  Darkness presses its heavy weight of fear, tyranny, and control down on those of us who have been designated keepers of earth realm.  The spirit realm continues to operate as normal, certain men rise to power and others die in obscurity.  Wars wage, nations rise and fall, and the spirits of the air keep score.  The old-line battles wage as familiar adversaries face each othe...

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Kingdom Support Services

Jonathan Keener - Overseer Our call is to be true "christ" ians. Those little christ's who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Who spread God's fame by proclaiming His message of reconciliation to our world. Playing our part in the epic work of the regathering of the Body of Christ in the Last Days. livinlattes@gmail.com

Where are the prophets?

The calling on my life is to walk in a path similar to those called as messengers of God's revelation to their generation. This would in no way conflict with the work of prophets who wrote the scriptures. The work of the modern day prophet brings his audience back to the written Word. 

This job or assignment is not typically for the pulpit, many times this call leads men and women to connect one on one with pastors, business leaders, divinely selected individuals, and in public forums which the Lord opens to proclaim His message of Reconciliation

Do not worry or have an anxious mind

LLI Mission & Values

May the Blessings of Yahweh rest on you


Signs and Signatures - hand painted wood signs

All of our signs are hand-crafted and hand- painted by Sharon Keener with the help of her children

The Path of Restoration of the Bride of Jesus Christ 

The Life and Times of

The Keener Family 

Over the last few years

Scattered Israel to be regathered

Jer. 31:10

"Hear the Word of the Lord, O you nations, and declare it in the isles afar off, and say: He who scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him, as a shepherd does his flock." 

 Reader, in touching on this point, I would not have you for a moment suppose that the future gathering of Israel depends on anything that man can do. God's counsels and purposes are independent of human strength. The sun will set tonight at its appointed hour, and neither Queen, Lords, nor Commons, Pope, President, nor Emperors — can hasten, prevent, or put off its setting. The tides of the sea will ebb and flow this week in their regular course, and no scientific decree nor engineering skill can interfere with their motion. 

And just in like manner, the promises of God concerning Israel will all be fulfilled in due season, whether we will hear, or whether we will forbear.

Bishop JC Ryle 1879

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Photos that tell our story

30 years of learning agape love!

The place where many a sincere conversation took place, the place where our family served our  community the very best coffee and smoothies we could deliver.

The crazy day of living on faith in 2007

Livin Lattes event downtown Pilot Mtn, NC

We felt the Power of His Presence in an alley

A most cataclysmic life event...2001

little did I know that witnessing this single event from the banks of the NJ side of the Hudson would be such an integral part of launching the LLI ministry

 The night that revealed that the Holy Spirit could use any 

kind of music to bring glory to His Name

Swing Low Sweet Chariot 

Baptizing McKenzie in Tom's Creek

back in NC - 2008

 Waterfall in En Gedi

Israel trip early 2007

A Time of Remembering

In our very brief time on the West Coast in 2011 


We ask you to pray for the Living Water of Zion to flow to our world, to all our cities, and to every unique people group, that all would seek the power of His Spirit and be saved!

Our Eight Growing Spirit-Wrought Children

Our little baby girl - 10

Zoe Hannah Grace Keener

Who knows.... 

Zachariah - 13

4th boy - a chaser 

Taught himself how to ride a bike and swim, now running a football, we didn't know he wanted to do these things until we saw it happen with our eyes

Steve - 15

A good kid - God made him that way

a lover of people 

Matt - 16 

athlete - winner who loves the good things of life 

unknown skills yet to be revealed...

Seth - 19

Athlete - Baseball player

Wake Forest Baseball

Wants to help the world get smarter 

 Kayla - 23

loves accounting and life

newly married to Josh

Ap State graduate and Wake Forest Masters of Accounting Graduate 

Becca - 26

Princeton grad & London School of Economics grad looking to earn a PhD in the study of religion at Yale

Jenna - 28

An Entrepreneur who can do anything artistic

Mom of Jerry

The best barista / baker @ The Songbird House

The big time Jeremiah - our first grandson


Family Shots