Since October of 2008, our last month of operating “Livin Lattes Cafe” in Pilot Mountain, I have been called to walk the walk of an iconoclast, and as such, I have been summoned to the task of articulating and re-articulating the vision behind the “real work” of establishing the “Livin Lattes Cafe” method of building up His church (Bride) by forming Jesus-centric and communal gathering of real sinners; who are people in any local community gathering around the idea of sincere worship, sweet fellowship, and a “honest” shared life together.  As it is only possible in Him, anyway!  

This work, like unto the early days of our American experiment; when our European forefathers established cultural and very faith-based foundation of a community under the eye of God Almighty.  We add to this side view of the “why” of our work; to take a sincere look in the pages of our Bibles to see, very clearly painted there, a distinct people who did life together.  They ate together, it seems, all the time, who exhorted one another daily, who were forced to work through all their relational problems because they had no other place of retreat that carried their values and core life pursuit.  Combined providentially with the reality of their being no other "real" option for their evangelical, Jesus-centered expression of worship outside of the town they decided by G-d's leading to live.  Also were most evidently limited by the realities of their restricted transportation, seeing that cars, buses, and trains were not part of the fabric of their society.

Our vision must have a sharp eye on those "natural" affairs of the Jerusalem “church” we read of in Acts 1-8, that would eventually, with much struggle, incorporate a worldwide Gentile ingathering by the L-rd's sovereign Hand blasting their comfortable lifestyle to smithereens in a few short years.  Oh for a taste of this Christ-centered simplicity, to be transported to that day and time, to have a bird's eye view of these events to see how far we have fallen from the blessedness of real “kononia”. 

Who are these people gathering with us at Livin Lattes Cafe?  We didn't have a clue when we opened shop in May of 2006?  We had no preconceived constructs or ideas of “target” markets or any such man-centered approaches, NO, we just believed, by faith, that you just turn the “Open” sign on everyday, and pray for grace to love everybody who walks through the door of the cafe, and see “wa la”, what will happen next?  So faith led us, and a “living” faith continues to guide us, wasn't that G-d's basic point when called us out of darkness to follow Him into His marvelous light?

We also continue to press forward with our “Taking Back the Streets for Jesus” vision and method of regional outreach to increase our regional awareness through a corporate gathering of the people of G-d to pull down strongholds and to increase our sense of the power in G-d's leading and guiding Hand over our corporate identity.  

We were heading into our 4th year of development in 2009, but we were cut short in 2008 due to poor planning and financing on my part, which has brought to a halt this powerful method of gathering large numbers of believers in NC, SC, & VA.  

Our work with “Taking Back the Streets for Jesus” has become stagnant due to a lack of unity in our regional area of believing youth to inspire the support necessary to build this event.  We also have to contend with a struggling local misunderstanding of our purpose within the area.  Plus the reality that we face a real enemy who hates our guts and has levied a volley of  “spiritual” attacks that have come against us, and that, we must “overcome” through an increased endowment of faith and fresh spiritual vision.  

And now our current ministry we call “LLI Fellowship” and our retreat vision we call “RRR-Retreat Place”, which are set around the idea and vision to plant small, living, organic cells of believers, anywhere and everywhere there is public exposure.  To raise up a contagious movement of gathering lost souls in public places such as coffee shops, campus lounges, office spaces, school classrooms, and parks and outdoor recreational areas.  

The gathered souls are those, who upon hearing of the message of life, are summoned by the Holy Spirit to embrace the claims of the cross of Jesus Christ, and now, as His followers, become members of a “newly” birthed family of Jesus lovers.  

Which now are being equipped, in the same setting of their new birth, naturally and really are being trained to be part of a constant forward work and business of gathering lost souls.  To raise them up as “holy” leaders in the L-rd's kingdom of enormous light, and then, quite naturally, send “them” out to Spirit-led places and cities in our world where darkness is dominant and the Holy Spirit is ready to guide us to the people who He will open up to the glories of the Kingdom of heaven and its Christ.  

This work of Gospel-sharing is to be accomplished in an environment of boldness, by an open and public spread of the Gospel message to all men everywhere, no matter how risky!  Just like our apostolic forefathers.

The websites for each of these ministries are:

 Livin Lattes

 Taking Back the Streets for Jesus 

 LLI Fellowship 

 RRR-Retreat Place 

Today, Feb.  4th 2010, after hundreds of pages of blogs and now hundreds of 10 min. teaching and preaching videos uploaded to YouTube to our “livinlattes” channel on YouTube, I still sense that a “real” confusion exists among those who know about our vision and plight here in Pilot Mountain, NC., yet seem to not be sure what we at LLI Fellowship are all about.  

I believe that this confusion can be traced to these seven basic assumptions:

  1. The reality that our cafe is no longer in operation means, therefore, that we were not successful in doing what we were originally called to do for our local community.
  2. That sitting and waiting on G-d for more instructions based on a strong call to do the work of LLC is a bad idea and that going back to the old paths we left in the business world is the best and only true option for me, my wife, and my seven kids to survive in a world driven by the pursuit of material things.
  3. That Pilot Mountain did not receive our work and ministry, while many of the rank and file citizens of our area really do wish that our cafe in Pilot Mountain was still in operation.
  4. That Pilot Mountain or any small rural town is the “wrong” place to establish a “Livin Lattes” model of church planting due to the strong and determined mindset associated with “southern” traditions that dominate any small town.  
  5. That my call to be a spokesperson to my generation and the rising generation is self-terminating and therefore – specious.
  6. That true spiritual unity of the “Bride” of Christ is basically impossible in America.
  7. That America will always survive her domestic and international troubles and continue her stay as a world leader in dictating economic trends, technological advances, and world governance.

While these are just some of the basic assumptions, they do set forth the challenge that “anyone” faces who agrees with me, that real and holy change must happen in our world, in order for Our G-d's favor to return to our shores.  After-all, we, as christian Americans, have made so many pacts with the devil and have fallen so perilously into a dualistic view of worship and living in our very Babylonian world arranged so lustfully in material comfort.   

It's not like I haven't committed the sins we are still committing in giving ourselves over to the task of being both a materialistic American and a member in good standing in the evangelical church of America.  In the very hard way of bringing this bad news to our world, so much work has yet to be accomplished, to show and help our friends and neighbors “see” what is going on right over top of our heads.  In my view, we have one major purpose, “to prepare the Bride of Christ for His glorious return to earth.”


All of the work yet to be done in our America has this very serious challenge, that is, until the people of G-d called by His name, “see” what is really going on spiritually in our nation, there will be no lasting change.  There will be no “positive” move forward that will effect the rising generation.  

With “no change” in our collective attitude, the rising generation will have even less revelation of G-d's law and His love for those who break His timeless law.  In the person and work of Jesus Christ, they must “see” the glory of His Son.  They will, in turn, be left to themselves to find their own way.  A horrible consequence of our apathy, and one that will be laid squarely at our feet at the judgment seat of Christ Jesus.  2 Cor. 5:10

 My foolish assumption is that “change” is a product of communication, Divinely arranged, using the human mouth as His organ and our fingers typing as His writing that could truly inspire this “holy” change.  No move positive and negative has ever come about without the use of the written and the spoken word.  Just read the book.

No matter what, Almighty G-d is coming and will remedy this most dire of situations, but not without our having to face the very real consequences of our actions.  I just have come to the point in my life that I believe it is better to work in concert with heaven, then as a mere byproduct of dust, to even attempt to resist this very real and unstoppable heavenly force. 

The G-d who created everything from nothing, always reserves the right to carry His Mighty creative process to its ultimate terminus – all the way back into His own Glorious Self.  As all things come from Him, so all things go back to Him.  Don't be mistaken, the Living G-d will most definitely create the worldwide landscape and human tragedies necessary to drive real action and bring about a holy gathering of His Bride in not to distant future.  

While He does His major work of restoration of the nations and its peoples, Our G-d holds those who are responsible for the demise of things in His church, especially if they were commissioned by Him to preach His Word; those called to preach His Word and tend to His sheep will face Him completely naked and uncovered if they have not served Him with all of their heart.  If they have allowed the fear of men's faces and the desire to keep their position dominate them while they were called to hold His Word in view of their hearers.  I encourage you to watch to video, "Come, establish covenant with Your G-d"

Be assured, He will hold all of us to “account” when He comes to judge the living and the dead in His perfect justice.  That, my dear friends, is not something that I would look forward to in the days that lie ahead, especially if you are in a place of sleepiness and coldness to His express revelation, His words and His “call” on your life.  

In light of the very real fact that when He comes we will come face-to-face with something no special effects movie producer could every replicate.  In Him we will confront such impenetrable holiness, that will have any unprepared person crying for rocks to fall on their head.  Our argument is that His appearing is the greatest calamity that any person could endure.  That any earthly calamity that might bring physical and emotional torment pales in comparison to direct dealings with His holy, burning, hot, and all-seeing eye. 

What drives me today is the simple reality that so much more has to be done to prepare for His arrival.  So many more words are going to be said by many more men and women of faith who have been touched by His hand and influenced by His Spirit, that by virtue of the sheer weight of the Divine revelation, men will finally come to see what is coming and how it will effect them personally.  Now combine these two major realities and real revival to the land we love.  These two realities can be described in the simplest of terms:

  1. A holy destruction of all the gods we are putting our trust in (as in the case of our forefathers in Israel).
  2. A fresh move of the Spirit of Christ that imparts a holy power and grace that fills the next generation leaders to do “church” in a way we have yet to consistently develop here in wealthy America   (underground & public).

I truly believe what has been given to me from G-d as a stewardship is not from within my mind or understanding.  I just don't care that much for my fellow man as I have shown over the last few years.  The real me is very self-absorbed and carnal.  I attribute my change to a day in history that will always define my life.  A simple heart cry on Sept. 11th 2001, when quietly, to myself, while watching those very large building burn to the ground from the vantage point of the Jersey shore, I simply said to G-d, “I will do whatever it takes to help bring this country back to You.”  

Everything that I have done or endured since that fateful day can be traced back to that sacred moment I experienced with My maker and redeemer.  Now eight intense years later, I have unwittingly entered a world that has continued to baffle me and confuse me, but at the same time has made me a different person.  I have discovered what I was born to do.  For me, this has been most comforting aspect of this difficult process.  Why? well because for most of my life, I have been asking the question, “why am I here?”

The words that I have been sharing on video are not mine; they hopefully will one day produce the real and lasting “changes” in the Body of Christ that will be forced on us to do.  In the way to do our discipleship, evangelism, and our training and sending of the next generation leaders.  These “operational” changes are necessary to prepare our children for the many struggles they will face in a world radically different then the one they were born into.  

All the events that will transpire are directly attributed to our sins and our rebellion.  G-d is behind all of this radical change and reordering.  Now most preachers are going to try to sell you on their book or their ministry.  Come to this conference on what to do next and so forth.  All I will say to you today is -- “everything is going to change!”  

This change must be understood as a Divine shaking of earth to bring in the Kingdom of G-d and His righteousness.  This has been prophesied by the L-rd Himself.  Just read the book.  Under the precise surveillance of G-d's sovereign hand, you will have to endure a radically different world then the one many of us have had the pleasure of living in for the last 40 - 50 years.  

Will you be able to survive in a world run by the anti-christ system?  That is the question you must answer, not me, no, “you” have to face these realities  on your own.  G-d is watching you, please come to Him with your whole heart.

What I have said is based in the same Bible that you own and read occasionally.  These are words of warning,; they are directly based in scripture.  Just take the time to watch the three videos on Why Revival Tarries?”  What the L-rd showed me was, We are not building His kingdom, we are building our own.

I believe new words and fresh messages are being released from G-d's prophets over the last year.  As is true in history, the reformers and the prophets are not embraced by the established order.  Why?  Well, its simple, in order for real changes to happen, two major things would have to happen:

  1. The current leadership would have to change their way.
  2. The current leadership would lose their position and their power.

Both of these massively difficult and impossible reversals and “change” must be orchestrated by Heaven, not by the exchange of ideas or debate.  Over the past few years, I made a very strong miscalculation, that people in the church and in my christian family would listen to their son, brother, student, and friend.  That they would be a little open-minded, so that my closest friends and my “christian” family members, when one of their own, is being dealt with by G-d, they would pay attention and listen and gain valuable knowledge from “my struggle” to find my way in G-d.  

To my continual shock and dismay, the opposite has occurred, and even in places far from my home; a place like small town Pilot Mountain.  Yes, the established order there, hates change too, no matter how damaging the present order of things has been to the average citizen, or how lackadaisical the membership has been in the local church has been, people just don't know how to rise up and demand more from themselves and their leaders.  A nation once known for revolution has become neutered by pleasure and convenience.  Just like Israel and eventually the Roman empire.

No, when our families and friends see us struggle to find our way in G-d, rather then imbibe an open approach toward the changes wrought in our very real struggle, a strong spirit of resistance comes over them to “hold” on to everything that make the status quo engine keep going.  

In spite of all this internal and external resistance, the L-rd G-d raises up people who have to learn how to endure rejection and isolation to then have the right to carry His message to the generation of His people that He is going to gather and bring into the way His blessedness.  

In our time, we can said emphatically, that the mission is, “to prepare His Bride” for His Holy and Beautiful return to earth.  To get Her ready for the awesome Day when He will take Her to His Dwelling Place in the heavens that He has been preparing since He ascended to heaven almost 2000 years ago.  John 14:1-6

These holy “changes” are the necessary shake up that must take place in order to refine Her and prepare Her for this amazing Day.  “His people” will survive the calamities that are sure to come our way in the days that lie ahead.  Jer. 10:17

I believe that the G-d led and “holy” effort that I have honestly delivered over the internet in the last year has brought some necessary clarity to those of you who are “open” and “seeking” to know more of us and our vision.  Without this year of seeking and sitting in the presence of G-d, I would not have the understanding that the Holy Spirit has granted in the fire of His refinement.  

I do know this is process of training, that Our G-d desires you and me and all of His people to come together uniquely, like never before, in the days that lie ahead. Jer. 10:18

I have sought to base all I have said and done in pages of scripture.  I have culled my words carefully and directly from the narrative of the lives of the faithful ones who have marked our way.  They have shown us the way to go to find Him and the way of Truth that we are commanded to seek.  

My wife, my children, and I are walking the walk of faith.  Just like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  We feel a deep connection to the history of all those who have been called to walk this same scary walk of faith.   

Without vision, the people perish”  

By continuing on the current path of a “stoic” resolve and the current method if pressing forward an old and tired agenda.  To keep doing the same thing even though no “real” life and lasting moral and unifying “change” has come from these failing efforts, I believe, reveals that most of G-d people, currently, are choosing the most insane direction that any thinking and caring man or woman could choose, in the wake of the judgments that are falling on us.  

Finally, this is my assertion, without a thoughtful change of direction, we will most definitely collapse from the inside out.  So my purpose with our ministry is very clear:

  1. To inspire a generation to call upon the name of the L-rd with their whole heart!
  2. To teach them to obey G-d's word and voice. 
  3. To sacrifice everything on the altar of service to the King of Kings, 
  4. To love His people, like He loves us.
  5. To gather the remnant He purchased and has set apart for His glory. 
  6. For this holy remnant to be magnified in the earth that He created!

From the heart of hearts,

Jonathan David Keener

ת א

And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, 

“all authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Mt. 28:18-20

ת א