Life From The Dead – Story of True Faith

About 4 years ago I wrote on this blog on the foundation of our faith --- literally viewed as “life from the dead” In this article I chronicled the struggle of Noah and Abraham to do the hard things they were told to do by an invisible God through the medium of His Spirit and through instrumentality of His Holy Angels.

Noah – a man who stepped up in a difficult time

A dark mist hangs over my head and darkness, judgment looms over all of my fellow earth dwellers. We hang our heads collectively and sigh. We can just feel it, trouble is around the bend.  

The air and our times are filled with a high level of spiritual tension. I can hear the clash of swords in the heights. The Creator is on the move.

Thick Darkness presses down on us all. The daunting weight of fear, tyranny, and overarching control system seems to hang over those of us who have been called to be truth keepers, keepers of the covenant made with mankind. Though a small clan we are the protectors of the earth realm.  

The evil one and his vehement cohorts continue to operate as though judgment will not be rendered. As though there is no day of reckoning. This demonic system picks certain men with demonic connections for positions of power while others of our kind die in obscurity.  One of our own, my great, grandfather, Enoch, left the earth without a trace. He warned us of many horrors to come. He warned that we not fall into seductive temptations that are capturing our neighbors. Especially that we should not to allow our daughters marry the sons of God.

As wars continue wage, the violence of our community is increasing. Tribes of men rise and fall, territories are lost to evil, and the Lord of the Ages is keeping score.  We are on the verge of something very ominous, I feel that the earth is ripe for a day of doom. 

In the ancient world the old battle lines are clearly established and it seems that today they still exist. Make no mistake, there is no new thing under the sun. Not until the Son of Man comes to wipe out all the evil the earth has suffered under these last 200 years.

The sons of Shinar continue to wage their fierce opposition against the meek, and against the Holy one. Familiar adversaries face off again and again. Nothing new to seems to come, things just get worse. 

Our numbers are dwindling, as each successive generation seems to care less and less about the truth of Our Creator and care little to walk with His Spirit. This horrible conflict between good and evil has marked our race since the dawn of creation.  Our human corruptions and transgressions have permanently stained our bloodlines with the curse of eternal death. 

We just can't seem to break the spell. No matter what we try to do. Our heart sores plague every human soul. Our many gaping wounds remind us of our impending doom. Violence is everywhere. We can't endure without Strong Deliverance.

My family and I remember the words of our great, grandfather, Enoch, he warned us not to lay with idolaters. Our blessed father warned us to marry within our family heritage. If necessary, he warned that we were to dwell in caves until the appointed time.

We now endure the continued onslaught of the clash of good and evil in our scarcely human world.  After Cain killed blessed Abel, Eve bears another son, our lord, Seth, a mighty truth teller who pointed men back to the Creator, Yah

Many generations have passed on, now violence covers the entire earth. 

The sons of God have visited us from the heights. They allured our women. They practice divination over them. They impregnate our daughters. Their offspring hates us. 

Since this first diabolical union bore its seed, Cain, darkness gradually, generation by generation, has taken hold of the earth. Even the animals do not bear their original likeness.  The folly of men multiplies rapidly, sullying almost all of mankind with outright pride and the spirit of conquest. Cain has made his mark here. 

But the Master of the Sky, the Lord of lords, and the Keeper of the earth realm promises to intervene. A Seed of Eve will conquer those who torment us day and night. We cry day and night for Our Maker to make a short work of the encroaching kingdom of darkness.   

The Master has promised to remove evil from the earth. All that is living and walking on the earth that hate His words of guidance and comfort, must die. Even our creatures and our plants must be cut off from the Holy One.

The offspring of evil murders, hates, mauls, and twists His design for the earth. Our family hides in the rocks and waits for His Deliverance to be revealed from the heights. 

The Voice of heaven speaks comfort to us every day, so clearly, so warmly. His Voice warns us from above, telling us to wait for His Time.  His words are so deep, true, and so perfect. How did the Voice of heaven break through the violence of our atmosphere and find us? Now He draws us into His plans of salvation. 

He shares with us that the entire heavens is so polluted by the vileness of men, the works of the unbelieving, even the birds that fill the air. He repents that He even spoke us into existence. He announces that all that is evil must die. That includes all of the soiled men and women and monsters of the earth.

The Voice of heaven reveals through visions and dreams a way of escape. The plan is very detailed and long. A 120 year faith project begins and ends without much fanfare from our peers. Our only retreat is our family. Our neighbors mock our crazy project. They call us fools every day. We hold out hope that one of two might believe in the day that is sure to come.

If they only knew what was coming, they would repent. Some of them already know what's coming and are trying to hide it from the rest.  

The Creator reveals through dreams that our project will end soon. After 120 years of walking alone and staying close to the Creator, our time has come, the earth as we know it... is about to come to an end. 

The completion of a season of mercy is finalized. An entire generation has rejected our plea to turn back...  

Our crazy-looking houseboat project is almost complete. All the animals and creeping things we have been instructed to call have come into our monstrosity... they have come to be saved from the desolation, it was as though they knew what we knew. 

But will our 120 year old project really float? 

We see that a new kind of rain is falling down out of the heavens. The visions and dreams show us a new earth on the other side of this strange devastation.

The animals that are to be saved were drawn to us by a powerful force, are they ready! They seem innately to understand the urgency of the hour.  

But they seem to be the only ones that understand the darkness of the hour. So we have to assume we are gathering the Creator's chosen ones.  

I, Noah, the builder of the houseboat, and my purely human family, hurriedly enter this huge God-designed craft, and we wait.  

We have been told that this craft is a spiritual picture of another time long in the distant future of man’s history. A similitude in the form of the Son of God would appear someday, but for now, He has warned us and this craft will be our salvation from His judgment.   

We all rushed into the craft. Now the craft is full. Suddenly the door closes, seemingly, under its own power.  Thunder clashes and lightening sends forth a powerful form of water from the heavens.  It's heavy and thick, and really wet. Pitter patting on the roof of the craft it brings us simple solace to know we are in the best place for such a unique time. 

We hear the cries of our former neighbors... they want us to open the door, but that is impossible.

An incredible shaking is felt and heard. Water releases from the depths on every side of our craft. On and on this strange watery torrent rages for forty long days. The earth is overwhelmed with water, so quickly, men and animal are running to the highest points of earth. They were taken totally by surprise. Soon they will be lost forever to face alone their future judgment, a Day when the Son of Man will appear to them in the depths of Shoal to reveal His great mercy in waiting so long, the life of a man, waiting and waiting for their return back to Him. 

All the mountain peaks are covered. The height of the water is high enough above the earth to wipe out the giants. It wipes out the large animals and the giants conceived by wickedness to be Satan’s managers of the earth. Their cruelty has been seen by the Creator, they are clearly being judged. Oh how devastating is this work... when will we emerge, what will the earth look like when this is all over?

Finally, our beautifully and perfectly designed craft rests on a rocky ledge one year and ten days after the door shut us in.

A whole new world has emerged. A different world. Of a different order. A new beginning for our family. A new start for man and mankind. A new creation. A brand new earth to discover. At last, we have been delivered from the horrors of evil… Behold, all things are new!   

A great sense of responsibly has overtaken me and my family. The Creator has declared a new command. Reminding us of the reason behind all of the devastation. He asked for our birds and animals He provided for sacrifice, we offer to heaven a holy thank you.

He tells us to go and repopulate the earth realm. To be fruitful. To spread across the new earth. To bear good seed. To treat our neighbors with His justice.

A beautiful sign is set in the heavens to remind us of his grace and promise, the Source of the Great flood has a purpose in this devastation and worldwide annihilation, but we know that this kind of horror would never happen again as long as there are humans like us on the earth, and when there is seed time and harvest. As long as the moon cycles, and solar cycles continue, making seasons to mark our years, we are safe of worldwide devastation.

The beautiful and epic sign to remind us of His Favor was so beautiful that our children and their children will quite naturally stare at this wonder in the sky, asking the question, “Why are those beautiful colors arranged like that up there in the sky, Daddy?” 

But even still, the selfishness and waywardness of man starts to reemerge.  One of my sons has to bear the horrors of a curse due my foolishishness. Yes, even I, who so much better, let my guard down, I fell into a temptation linked back to the ancient lies. My sons, Shem and Japheth had to intervene on Ham's behalf. I don't know what that boy was thinking that day he entered my tent? 


Many many of our children's children decide that the Creator's new regulations requiring us to spread his message of fruitfullness all over the earth -- too overbearing, so they decide to listen again to ancient lies and build a shrine to the northern Star in the sky. 


hey seek to ascend higher into the heavens by making a new heavenly connection point for their dwelling in the plains of Shinar. They desire to overthrow the God of gods, Nimrod is their bombastic leader, what arrogance! They communicate with lords of Cain, it’s as though they are connected to the evil of the past, the days before the devastation, and lost remembrance of what happened.

They build an anciently designed temple designed specifically to communicate with the host of heaven. They build higher and higher, hoping to reach the heights of mystic knowledge. Heaven’s King must come down and visit this work.


The Father of lights says, “No, not again!” With full agreement from His companions and in perfect perfection He confuses their one-world language to become what we heard was seventy languages in all. Future days would reveal that all those nations are without excuse, no matter what language they choose to speak.  

The godless demonically crafted scheme is stilled. In their dark frustration, they swear they will never stop the project they originally intended to finish. The prideful ones are scattered all over the earth... but they swear they will never forget, they vow, that one day in the distant future they would rule the world of men and beast. They would destroy the Creator's Seed from the earth... complete annihilation.

As they travel all across the entire globe, they spread venomous lies again. Some believe in the God of gods, others hate the Living God – Eloah. Many faithfully carry out the mandate to dwell in new places no matter how difficult the climate. 

But on this go around, the Maker of the earth, shortens their time on the earth. They will have less time to spread lies about His love and mercy. 


All of the sons of men are limited to the stewardship of one hundred and twenty years. A test to see if we will obey the Creator's new mandate to repopulate the earth and sacrifice to the One and Only True One. The Creator knows they will fall back under the sway of the ancient lies, most will succumb to 70 years of living, if they live in peaceful time maybe 80 years.  


The houseboat project which lasted 120 years matched the length of their days. It was as though the Creator was saying, “I'll make it fair, I will give you an entire lifetime to come back to Me!” What mercy has the Maker of heaven and earth for the sons of men! 


I look to My Redeemer to save me and my family. Not only from the lies in our world and atmosphere, but also from the evil one who started our ruination in the Garden of Bliss. Lies that continue to draw us into a life of living for the dead. No matter his dark schemes, our world will never forget the ruins of our past... the Great Devastation.


I look forward, with my wife and children, to a time when this planet will be filled the glory of heaven. To enjoy every wonder the Maker has made for us to enjoy. 

Where is our redeemer?  

Who will carry on the legacy of Enoch?

to be continued