A Final Appeal

Today those of who are being called to be the “modern day prophets” that will usher in the kingdom of Christ.  You carry that very same mantle that Elijah carried all the way to wicked King Ahab and his pagan wife, Jezebel.  This word was directed to the faltering northern kingdom of Israel.  Who won in that epic conflict?  

You are called in the manner of John the Baptist who “cried out” for the Lord's people to repent and turn back to Jesus that anointed of Yah, our Messiah – Yeshua.

We call all those who name the name of Christ, back to the original Gospel message as found in Torah. A Gospel message with a King that has a rightful claim over the lives of His people.  

 The Gospel who has a Jesus who is Lord over every second of our lives.  The prophetic call is for the radical release of men and women from the captivity and servile bondage of Babylon.

Jesus will not come back until His Bride walks in the supernatural faith of our forefathers and performs the righteous acts of the saints spoken of in the book of Revelation.  These works, like Elijah's, exceed those of the seed of the Serpent. 


They reveal our desire to die for Christ.

 Our Groom is waiting for His Bride to perform the righteous acts of faithful devotion and loving service that usher in the Father's great and final wedding feast as noted in Rev. 19:7-8,“Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready, And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.”

We have to recover the romance of being a herald of so awesome a King as Jesus - the Messiah of all those who need a Savior from sin and death!

The modern day prophet is no different then those that preceded the One Great Prophet – Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is the Seed who came to fulfill the promise G-d made to Eve, “that her Seed would crush the head of his seed,”  

Our Lord's death and resurrection was and is the actual “crushing” of the head of the serpent.  Through the preaching inspired by His Blood we shall see, in perfect fulfillment, the last great battle on planet earth, when our L-rd Jesus comes at the cry of chosen People, the nation of Israel, who will finally see the One that they pierced as their True Messiah.   

At the point of their penitential cry, the L-rd Jesus Himself will bath His sword in the blood of the nations and totally destroy our enemies. 

Joel 3:12 “Let the heathen be wakened, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the heathen round about.”


For all of you who have left “everything” to serve Jesus, Our Messiah, those who are taking his message to the ends of the earth. You are marching in the same way as those who have gone on before us.  His blood animates the message forward as Abel's blood brought forth His appearing.

We bear His word (seed) in our hearts and by allowing the Spirit to move our mouths and lips; we pour forth the “living water” of Jesus Christ.  Our call is right in line with all those great prophets who prophesied to the nation of Israel and the nations surrounding them. 

They were commissioned by heaven to call her, G-d's people, back to a sincere heart obedience and faithful adherence to the law of G-d.  Without a “true seed” of life coming out of us, there will be no true conversions, no one will turn back to G-d, and revival and restoration will tarry.  

Christ Jesus, is preaching through us. We are His “ambassadors” beseeching men to be,“reconciled unto G-d”,before it is too late.  II Cor. 5:18-20.  This work must happen before the Great Tribulation. 

There are some of you who will operate in every form of spiritual power because of the “role” the Lord has intended for you in Christ and for which He died to procure for you.  

Whether you are called to preach Christ through the release of powerful miracles, or you are to operate primarily in words of knowledge. Some of you just love the word of G-d and preach it faithfully year by year. You too are prophets of Yah.

Others of you may move Christ's message forward with a powerful healing ministry others by doing great acts of mercy.  I see many who are called to preach the Word of G-d under the power of the Holy Spirit before thousands of lost souls in these desperate times. All of you testify of the Lord's power over any other power in the earth or above the earth.

As we see the day approaching, those of you who are called to be “true prophets” of Jesus Christ, you must endure more and more suffering as the end of the age approaches.  Sad but very real is the truth that many of you will have to give your life to see the His triumphant return to earth.  

Whether we are powerful proclaimers of the Gospel, or you are called to minister as Priscilla and Aquilla's, we all must stand strong in the promise that one day soon, The L-rd Himself, will crush the enemy of our souls under His feet.  


Ps. 110:1-2 “The L-rd said to my L-rd, “Sit at My right hand, till I make your enemies Your footstool.” The L-rd shall send the rod of Your strength out of Zion.  Rule in the midst of Your enemies! 

Praise Yah and His everlasting covenant to have a remnant on the earth!

No matter what your prophetic gifting or your audience, in the end, you are preaching through a heart that is and will be refined by Our L-rd and Our Christ. Our message will be similar in nature. 

Your godly and heavenly lifestyle will be an integral part of the end time work that accelerates the L-rd's return.  Your life  must set forth the way of “complete surrender”, that you are submitted to heaven and the work of the Father's anointed Christ. 

The L-rd maintains tithe of the men of Israel it seems in every situation and epoch of time, even in the worst of times.  Notice with me Is. 6:12-13

The L-rd has removed men far away, 

And the forsaken places are many in the midst of the land.

Yet there will be a tenth portion in it,

And it will again be subject to the burning,

Like a terebinth or an oak

Whose stump remains when it is felled.

The holy seed is its stump

Many Blessings,


Jonathan David Keener