Why I believe

The word of God reveals many things to us about life, history, and details about the workings of the universe. 


Most importantly though, God's word reveals His power in the life of people who have simply taken His heavenly words revealed to them to heart, and put them into action. 


Humans, just like you and me, made of the dust, were willing to walk toward a humanly invisible reality called heaven. A place which contains the glory of God's eternal presence without the mitigation of human sin and death.


The implication here demands that our lives become much more than the pursuit of happiness in this life. No, my friends, our lives become a canvas on which we paint the picture of what we believe. What Our God has already established to be from ages gone past? 


The pleasures of this life can be, and are very enjoyable, but the agonies of this life are equally somber. 


The realities of war, famine, pestilence, greed, strife, natural disasters, brokenness, pointless crimes, murder, envy, and other forms of ungodliness reveal that this is not our home, our real home.


Many times we have been so beat down that we conditioned ourselves to accept the horrors of this life without an honest fight. The word of God tells us to “Resist the Devil”. 


What does resistance mean to you and me? 


What pretel are we resisting?




I am an ardent sports fan. In the arenas around the world men and women take their will and talent to the controlled battlefield of sport. In these controlled and refereed contests, athletes resist their competitors and their own desire to quit to win a game, to make a name for themselves and their team. 


They must fight the urge to quit on themselves and their teammates or they will lose the game. 


We accept their rules of engagement and cheer them on to greatness, but what about us? 


All of us face a more serious battle then any of our sports heroes. 


For us who believe in Jesus bloody atonement for our sin there is no other option. 


Simply put, giving up, is not an option. 


Resistance is necessary to win. 


The apostle Paul used the analogy of sport to encourage God's servants to press on in the battle against sin and Satan and to fight to bring forth the kingdom of God on the inside of us and in the world around us. 


Paul stated in 2 Tim. 3:12 “all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” 


Paul declared in another place that he did not aimlessly throw his fists at the air but with clear headedness he boxed his opponent, Satan, with great determination and pointedness. 


In other words, Paul knew quite clearly that he was being relentlessly resisted by Satan's kingdom. 


And Paul knew who was behind the manifold waves of resistance. 


No matter how ominous the situation might have been for Paul, he fought back by his living faith in Christ Jesus. This we must all do, all who have claimed publicly that Jesus is our Lord (King Supreme) and Ruler. 


So Jonathan, you started this communication with the words, “Why I believe” why are you belaboring the point about battling sin and recognizing the state of things in the world? 


My answer is simple. Like many of you, I have been tempted a million times to throw in the towel and quit the race of faith. To listen to the dictates of my own heart rather than the clear words of scripture. 


It's hard for any human to believe in an invisible God who does not show Himself to us like we want. He will not always cater to our whims when we find ourselves in deep trouble. Which is normal fare for the people of God!


Many of us cry out to Our God in the depths of woe, in grievous times, “please God, show up here for me, please help me, right now! 


He always shows up for us, but many times differently then we might desire. In these times He is stretching us beyond what we already know about Him and His marvelous salvation.  


Only true faith can take us to the next place of blessing He has already arranged for us.


Our help may seem afar off, but the word of God promises those who walk by faith, “He will never leave or forsake us”. 


Many times we feel like we are forsaken... I mean forsaken, thrown to the side!


But faith says, “Believe, don't give up, press on, look up, God is coming soon!” 


But what are we hoping in and what are we praying for? 




A Something very real, inexplicable, never changing, awesome in every way, amazing in His power, incredibly loving and kind. Faithful in all generations.


But how do you know you are praying to the right God?


That's a good and honest question.


I believe in the God who created all things by the word of His mouth. Amazing.


A God who has sent mankind myriads of miraculous interventions, prophets, truth tellers, and faith-filled people all witnessing of His plans to Judge and to Save mankind. 


Yet we live in world with many so-called gods. Higher powers that people in every language call upon. 


Confusing isn't it?


But I still believe in one true God, Elohim (plural), or, Eloah (singular). But also a God whose name and many more name expressions describe just a mere aspect of His character. Each Name signifying a color of His glorious and amazing being. 


Their at least 70 name expressions for the One True God.


I like El Elyon, God Most High.




I also believe in the same God Abraham believed in. Also the One Isaac believed and trusted in for Salvation. And the One Jacob wrestled with before he met his estranged brother -- Esau. 


The same God who met with Abraham and shared with him His plans to save and His plans to judge. A man, like us, who had to walk out, and many times wait, for the fulfillment of His promise that he would be the father of nations. 


This promise was poured out on a man whose experience dictated otherwise. For he and his wife, Sarah, had yet to experience the pleasure of having a heir from his loins and her womb. 


Yes, Abraham waited on God for 25 years for the birth of his first, one only, begotten son, Isaac. 


Isaac was born long after Sarah's womb was able to bear children. 


What, my friends, could be the point in this delay?


Are there pictures for us to study in the life of Abraham's delay?


Will these real life struggle pictures help us when we have delays?


Yes they will.


Because a few hundred years later we have a man named Moses appear on the scene of human history. A man who survived a holocaust of Hebrew male children. 


And I believe in the God of this amazing Moses person, who as an imperfect human, but was able to administer 10 judgments on gods of Egypt and then oversee the miraculous parting of the Red Sea so God's baby nation Israel could escape Satan's cruel bondage. 


Why? How? Because Abraham was to be, without denial, the Father of nations.


Why? Because he resisted the lies in His head and held steadfastly to the promises of His God. An invisible, but very real God. 


Yes, without an army, Israel's God defeated the strongest army in the world because of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob's faith.


I believe in a God who gave us a man, though flawed, who loved Yah so much he kept writing and writing beautiful songs and poems so we could enter into corporate worship and also gain a glimpse of His Glory. 


Though David had never seen God, David saw enough to slay a mighty and evil giant, named Goliath, in the Name of the God of Israel. David also endured years of cave dwelling based on an anointing ceremony in which he experienced the full outpouring of God's power and love to enable Him, someday, to be the King of Israel. 


Our God met David at every turn in his life, even in the worst of times. David found God faithful even when he was unfaithful to Him.


I believe in the God who made way of everlasting salvation for us thru the precious gift of His Son. God's only begotten Son, like Isaac, who was determined to willingly lay down His life to save mankind from their crimes against Him and to cure them of their incurable disease we call -- “sin and death”.


I believe that those who were taught by the Son of God were also touched by His presence in a way that we just can't comprehend. But we will and we do feel the Holy Spirit's touch when we, like them, step into this ancient faith I have been sharing with you today. 


No, we will not receive the power we need to resist until we step into this mutual faith they had. 


A faith they had in a very real and True God. So we must believe their report that they saw the Son of God resurrect from the grave just so He could dine and sup with them before He left earth to inhabit His throne in heaven.


These frightful men and women proceeded to change the world we live in... forever. 


This positive change they fostered had nothing to do with the world of commerce, education, the arts, philosophy, medicine, or religion, all they did was testify of what they saw and experienced and what they believed. 


All these events these early believers in Jesus witnessed were and are historically connected to the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


For many of these early believers the consequences of their faith led them to an early grave.




Why then, my dear friends, is it so hard to believe?


Why do we linger in doubt and unbelief?


We have been surrounded by so many witnesses from ancient times. As time rushes on to its ultimate terminus, we find that as we dig deeper in the soil of our past it seem to more and more bear witness to the eyewitness accounts of those who believed in ancient times. 


Accounts from every tribe and tongue bear witness to the reality of the Great Flood and many share the words of the prophets. 


Yes, caves bear their testimony, but sadly, the palaces of the great empires of the world barely notice the power of simple faith. They much rather would dwell on the great enterprise, wars, pleasure seeking, and false worship of their ungodly heritage.


Sadly, palaces are reserved for the prideful ways of man. Where kings and princes conger up gods to their liking. 


Unknowingly they align themselves with the powers of the world of spiritual darkness. These world leaders of great empires and nations believe in the things of human understanding, man's wisdom, and yes, and even when they don't make philosophical, scientific, or common sense.


Yes, I believe in a God who cares about me, not because I am a good person. 


Not because I have a good work ethic or I'm nice to people. 


Or that I try my best.


That I seek to be a truth teller. 


Or that I have been faithful for 20 years to the wife of my youth in heart and mind.


Or that I love my children and teach them good and moral things. 


NO, I believe because I have no other logical option. My experience with Him is too rich to walk away from, He has been too real to me. 


What I have done as one of his servants is but a poor reflection of what He has revealed to my heart. We are unworthy of the many miracles our family has witnessed and I have been blessed to receive.


Though I can't draw a picture for you today of the one and true God, for that would only reduce Him. I know He is beauty beyond compare.


Though I can't tell with you perfect clarity all the things that He was prepared for those who love Him and trust completely in His Salvation and are very excited about His glorious return to earth.


And though many in our time, many so-called believers in HIm, refuse to single out His Power over all other powers, including their very own human power He granted them by virtue of His image being stamped on their being.  


No friends, I just simply believe.


Believe with me,