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Great Relationships - Part 2

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Wednesday, April 1, 2009, In : Relationships 

In part 1 of "great relationships" I sought to explain the basis of unconditional love and why it is important for all of us to understand and grasp the elusive “true love” that makes for high quality long lasting relationships.  The Bible tells us that God is love.  As we saw yesterday God defines love His way.  His way is so much better then ours, but it is much harder to grasp and understand because it is supernatural and spiritual.

Practically speaking, in order to build a long lasti...

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Better Relationships Part 1

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Wednesday, April 1, 2009, In : Relationships 

Since my wife and I have been involved with Livin Lattes we have been exposed to the real devastation of broken relationships and marriages.  When a man and women divorce they are "breaking the covenant" they made when they vowed to love each other for life.  Technically you can not break a covenant because covenant means, "oath bound promise"  A promise means forever.  If you break a promise you can not do so without repercussions or consequences.

I have observed pain in the hearts of today...

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Jonathan Keener We recognize that great relationships must be built by the Power of God's grace. Many times relational breakdown must occur before we find out how to walk in love and stay in great relationship with each other. In order to discover the blessedness of great relationships we must first be a student at the feet of Jesus, so we can learn from His example how to love like Him, then and only then will we learn how to love our fellow man. Shalom, Jonathan

Mom & Dad hiking with #6 and #7

our Pilot Mountain babies

they were not planned but we could not 

live without them

Celebrating our 20th in 2010

we can't even begin to explain

top row - Jenna - Kayla - Becca

bottom row - Zach - Seth - Steve - Matt

Mom and her newest youngest daughter - Zoe 

Mom and her former youngest girl - Makayla

full of spunk and determination

Dad and his boys

boy, they make me tired!

 Some old friends - Vineyard Camp

We called it "God's Alley"

The Dan River 

the source of the Jordan River

God is the source of life is His Son - the full image and definition of true agape Love

Communion Gathering at 

the Garden Tomb

True relationships begin around the 

table of communion

Synagogue Layout!

they gathered in a circle

...maybe we should try that?

The men of Livin Lattes Cafe

One of the greatest nights we ever had at LLC

The beginning point of great relationships

fun gatherings

Are we committing spiritual adultery?


Better Relationships must start with a right

relationship with the Creator


We can't have great marriages,

great family life,

and great churches

Without right relationship with God and 

His son Y'shua Christ