I received this prophetic word on June 9th 2011. As I read it I began to come to grips with the content. These words synchronize with the words the Lord has been speaking to me this year.


Prophesy Cheryl Jones – released June 8 2011

I like to share with you a word the Lord has put upon my heart, to release concerning some of you in this hour. You can no longer ignore your assignment. Some of you can feel the tugging and the pulling from the Lord.

I pray that every heart that reads this, your heart will receive what the Lord is saying to you/us in this hour, as the spirit of the Lord gives utterances .The following prophetic words does not apply to everyone. But to those that want to really rid their hearts before the Lord, and truly have, and want to be broken under the mighty hands of the Lord.

This word are for those who are ready to follow him in this hour in the power of his might, like never before. This word are for those who have, and are willing to lay there face and heart, and their will upon the heart of the Lord, and stay in the fathers everlasting loving arms until he lets you feel his vary heartbeat. Glory to God hallelujah!!! 

Some of you will not be able to finish reading this word or embrace it, because this word is not for you, or because you may feel that you have already arrived to your destiny. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, tell them those who have and ear to listen, and to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying in this hour. The Spirit of the Lord says I have called you. I humble myself under the mighty hand of the Lord, as I give this word for His glory. 

The Spirit of the Lord is taking us in a way that we have never gone before. Maintaining a prophetic flow in your life is so crucial during this season. Obedience to the Lord is the key. Please don’t be afraid to make decisions that will affect eternity. Be careful that you do not carry a spiritual abortionist praise God, These are individuals whose negativity bring doubt, unbelief, frustrations in your life, let no one undermine and sabotage your destiny. The Lord has planted a seed of greatness in you, what you cannot see is taking place in the realm of the spirit.

In a vision I saw a giant Eagle rising up from behind a large mountain, I glance to the right side of the mountain, and there stood a man blowing a Shofar, I kept my eyes on the eagle, I was amazed at the size of this eagle, his shadow covered the whole earth, I did not understand why everyone in the earth didn’t see the shadow of this eagle covering the earth. 

My heart became sadden as I began to cry, the voice of the Lord gently whisper to me and said only my true leaders, and those I have summons in this hour will only be able to see the shadow of the eagle, and those that have an ear will hear the sound of me calling for them, The sound you hear is my announcement, I'm calling those who will come from the four corners of the earth, out of the East, West, South, North. I saw at the top of the mountain a Lion was lying down there on his throne, with a crown upon his head, I then saw a white dove carrying a giant sword that had writing on the sword, this was a prophetic sword. 

Hebrews 4:12 (AMP) the Lords revelation began to unfold. I saw the symbol of military power, and authority I then saw a great gathering of people in the thousands from every race, and from every nation all gather together in one circle standing in front of the mountain, I saw Prophets, Apostles, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers, I saw many children, and many born again believers standing there as if they were waiting for and assignment. 

But I also notice a group of people who seem not to fit in with the other people. I ask the Lord "who are those people?", the Lord told me these are also my chosen's that I have kept hidden from among the people, these are the ones who have not yet been authorized and ordained by man, but these are those who I call  the least, these are those who have not had any training in the schools of the prophets, these are those  who have been on the street corners with signs that say repent, and make me  Lord and Savior over their lives, but the world just keeps on laughing at them, these are those who are my very own children in the kingdom have rejected, yes some of these  have known me for only  a short time, yes these are the lest. 

But I’m going to bring a Divine Disturbances in the kingdom. 

Can one say he fully understands What is on My mind, and My purpose for these on this day?  These are those who have been persecuted by their love ones and the church, these are those who have messed up in their walk with me, and have been rejected, despised and ostracized, can I not pick up what has fallen, yes these are those who love me. And who I love, for I have sealed them with my stamp of approval that no man can unseal.  This great gathering that you see is the call to death of the flesh. 

I understood the Lord was pointing at everyone. Glory to God. A loud shout cried out from the eagle, and a mighty roaring sound from the loin. Suddenly the people began to weep, and there was such a great wailing coming from the people, the ground they were standing on began to shake, I saw falling rocks that began to break away from the Surrounding Mountains. I felt a warm wind pass over the people, then the Spirit of the Lord fell upon all of the people, they all began to speak in an unknown tongue I had never heard before, and it was like the sound of millions of voices that even made the ground shake. 

This is the interpretation to what they were saying. Lord God Almighty Worthy Is the Lamb Of God" Send Me Lord For I Shall Go.” The voice of the Lord said ‘CRY OUT LOUD AND SPARE NOT MY WORD FOR IT IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE” Everyone that stood in the mist of the Lion and eagle and the dove. I saw swords being given to everyone,slowly the people began to lift up their Swords together, put some were unable to lift up their swords, I thought to myself maybe the weight was too heavy for them to lift, but the look of weariness rest upon on those who could not lift their swords. 

I ask the Lord, "why is it that these few are not able to lift their swords before you?" For these are those who have not been purged, there will be good fruit and there will be bad fruit. And it is by My Spirit, by the gift of discerning of these spirits that has been given unto you that you will identify that which is good and that which is bad. And you will know them by their fruits. And those who are good trees shall bear good fruit and those that are bad trees shall bear bad fruit. And by this shall you know and identify those among you who have pulled themselves away from Me, and now have aligned themselves with their own fleshly desires in order to accomplish that which they themselves desire to do, instead of the things that I have desired for them to do. 

You have heard them talk. Many have been persuaded and convinced by those among you who rise up and take the initiative to speak on their own, that have swayed the opinions of men from that which is true, and right and just. And now, says the Lord, the motives of these speakers shall be revealed unto all. And those who reside in me and in my truths, says the Lord, these shall also be revealed unto you by My Spirit. 

And those who are residing in me shall do a mighty work, says the Lord, for I have chosen them. I have chosen them to take that truth that is within them to be manifested strongly not only in their lives but in the lives of the many that are around them. For there are many, many, many, says the Lord, who are in the valley of decision. There are many, many, and many who will listen and will hear the truth and will respond. 

And there are many, who will bring in a great harvest of souls for me says the Lord. And they will speak only what I say. I have given those a sword and they shall lift it high, I have placed my hand upon them. I have placed upon them my right hand of great power, says the Lord, and anointing’s shall flow, and blessings shall flow. And all that which has been spoken of from of old shall begin to transpire says the Lord as the fullness of the rains of my blessing and of my power comes upon those whom I choose to anoint.

So you must choose you this day, that which is good or that which is bad, that which is life, that which is death. For I have given unto you a gifting by My Holy Spirit to discern these things, I will glorify My name through them and people will be forced to look at them differently, to pay attention to what I begin to say and do through them. For it is through the humble and yielded vessels that I will manifest my glory to the nations. I am opening my people's eyes and ears in these days, and I am revealing myself to them. I am drawing near to those who are willing and allowing them to enter my presence and taste of my glory.

The qualifications of man will become less important as my agenda becomes more apparent. The true qualification, headedness and obedience to My Spirit will begin to dominate my church and my people will be transformed. This is the time and season where I am looking for those who have hearts that are committed and yielded to me.

As my people yield to my control and obey my direction, I will pour My Spirit and my anointing upon them. I will work through them to glorify my name and to advance my kingdom. Says the Lord, and because of my love I have allowed them to come in my presences, for the day will come when they Will execute my word. They shall remain here. Those that did not stay left on their assignments. I saw some of you going to nations and cities, when you arrived you began to speak the word of God in power, and demonstration of the Lords Glory, Not with the lack of signs and wonders, and the lack of Demonstration of Gods Power. May the Lord fill your nets with many souls for his glory. 

People of God Let your cities know that the Kingdom of heaven has arrived and you have arrived with and greater anointing and power of the (Lords Word) Words of wisdom (Obedience) to the Lord is the key that unlocks close door/s to your destiny, you will also need to deal with any guilt and condemnation. 

Condemnation is the greatest weapon that Satan has against us. And if he can keep you in guilt, false guilt it takes away your faith and prevents you from entering into all that the Lord has for you. Glory to God. 

There is a Prophetic Word in your mouth. And a Prophetic Mantle upon your life, you shall fulfill your destiny, and every word that God has spoken concerning you, I pray it shall come to pass. In the realm of the spirit God, He carried us through a period of purifying and shifting and great impartation. The Word admonished us not to go off doing something God has not called us to do. There has been a shift, a turning in the spirit. The scenes are changing. The question is can God trust you with all He has promised you?

Note please take the time to look at the photo I put together a picture what I saw in the vision

Wrote Saturday, January 29, 2011

Release by the Lord June 8, 2011

By Cheryl Jones/Prophetic Voice