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Quick Fix or Complete Overhaul!

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Thursday, April 2, 2009, In : Encouragement 

I believe that these words might be a little controversial, it will spark within you either support or strong disagreement.  I don't believe that you will be able to walk away neutral on what I am going to share with you about the state of the church in North America. 

I pray that as your emotions begin to rise up and boil over, please allow the words I share be filtered through the word of God and prayer and soul reflection. I pray you will seek access to the Spirit of God to aid you in the ...

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Stand Amid the Rubble!

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Thursday, April 2, 2009, In : Prophesies 

If you have ever read these blogs you know that I believe we are in the midst of difficult days.  I believe that all institutions, governments, churches, families, and ministries are being tried in the fire of refinement or they are being judged for their lack of response to God's overtures of grace.

Exposure of our heart to one another and our sincerity of communication will carry us through these difficult times.  We know that the same Lord who wooed us into the family of God is the same L...

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Strike the Doorposts and the Very Foundations will be Shaken

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Wednesday, April 1, 2009, In : Prophesies 

“Strike the doorposts and the foundations will be shaken”

Do you know where this verse comes from in the Bible?  This verse is found in 

Amos 9:1:  

I saw the Lord standing by the altar, and He said: "Strike the doorposts, that the thresholds may shake, And break them on the heads of them all. I will slay the last of them with the sword. He who flees from them shall not get away, And he who escapes from them shall not be delivered.

This verse has been grabbing my heart since 2006.  I can't ...

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You Are My Beloved

Posted by Jonathan Keener on Wednesday, April 1, 2009, In : Encouragement 

Listen, My Beloved,

Everywhere you look today, look for love…you will see me.

See love in the eyes of family and friends

See love in the eyes of a stranger.

Wherever you go today, know that I am there.

I am in the deepest valley and on the highest mountaintop.

I am in the darkest shadows and the brightest light.

I live within your heart as peace, strength, and hope.

Beloved, follow your heart today, and trust Me.

Trust Me for guidance in all that you do.

Follow your heart today,...

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Jonathan David Keener There have been times when the Lord has interrupted my day with strong utterances from the Father thru the Spirit. These are words that flow from my heart and personal, and sometimes the Lord will have a word sent to me by another. They are timely words from the Body of Christ and encourage my heart. If we allow the Lord to move on our hearts we will hear collectively the Voice of the Spirit calling us back to the Father. By a deepening in our love of the Savior of all mankind. Shalom, Jonathan

 The sounding of the shofar

Literally sounds like a freight train

 A view of Jerusalem from a tomb 

on top of Mt Olivet

 The Garden of Gethsemane

 Ciaphasis' House - basement level 

where our Lord waited before He was to 

be tried by the Sanhedrim!

 We Put Him in This Place!

Caiaphas the high priest house


A first century church setting

 Heaven came down on Mt Carmel

In a time when the People of God were not walking before the Lord obediently!

 2008 Pics of TBTS for Jesus!

We take back the mountain

they call -- Pilot Mountain