In the way of success or failure there seems to be a very pivotal moment when providence frames a path to great success or a near miss of fortune leading to a face flattening failure.  Are you seeking to fulfill a dream?  Are you battling to make your way through the hard places and on the verge of collapse?  Why do some of us find the way of success and some the rocky road of painful regret?

I do not have all the answers.  I do not know why some of you are emotionally broken and destitute; I do not know why some may be overjoyed with a positive turn of events.  I will share my own personal struggle to understand my life and its ups and downs.

Personal finance for me is the most elusive of categories to manage or understand.  It is as though I have been divinely appointed to constant battling in this particular facet of life.  It might be termed the, "chills, spills, and thrills” of my life in this world.

Most of the time if you are a dreamer like me and have lived a little, you could describe your way like the roller coaster ride that I have experienced!  We who dream are very dependant on "breaks" or "divine appointments" to see our dreams fulfilled.  Study anyone who has reached the heights of success you will find they all have these three things in common:

1.  They set a lofty goal!

2.  They persevered!

3.  They received a providential blessing or divine appointment leading to success!

What divides those that slide into mediocrity and those that climb to the heights of great success?  They don't give up on their dream!  They keep their eye on the prize of their dream.  For some it is for fame or fortune.  Others it is to help humanity with a new idea or invention.  Some seek war to gain back something that was lost.  For others it is unfailing love of a person.  Still others it is the lust for power.  Today it is the desire for comfort; tomorrow it may be happiness, and who knows, the enjoyment countless pleasures.

Those of us who are called to follow Jesus to the wild unknown of heaven’s kingdom must show our neighbors that pursue earthly fame the truth, that earthly fame, even to the most wildly successful end of changing the course of history, is a short-lived goal compared with unsurpassed glory of those who by faith receive the prize of Christ speaking these words to us, “enter into the kingdom prepared for you” 

In this season of my life I have been learning through all my ups and downs that with each passing season of a high or low there are things to be learned that allow for the development of a perseverance that claims a higher perspective of the reality that awaits us on the other side of our challenges. 

Each step toward Heaven’s kingdom should grant us a clearer perspective and mobilize our dreams on this side of human history because we know our place in eternity.

Is 40:31 "But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew [their] strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint."

We are learning the discipline of faith, “the art of war” in God, a war with spiritual weapons effect to drive our fears and anxieties to submit to the word of God!  To say "no" to unbelief is to advance to the next frontier in our journey, fully assured that God will meet us there.  Yes, this we will do, til we come to a victorious and conquered land where, once for all, the demons of failure and self-doubt have been put away for good!

We are all destined either to walk with Christ or stand against Him.  To win or lose.  To stand strong or to fall down and pay homage to the god of this age.  We will see our dreams come true.  If we faint not, we will be famous with Christ, never again to fall prey to the, “chills, spills, and thrills!” of this soulful existence!