I went and locked myself in my room after I finished eating.

God told me to lay back down again, so I closed my curtains and did so.

This time wasn't a really a symbolic dream as much as the other. 

It was in downtown winston on
marshall street where that concrete slab/stage is with the concrete stairs the circulate and the creek is which is behind the presbytarian church is.

It was broad daylight, the Sun was out and there were some minor clouds. The clouds were golden and glorious looking.

Tons of people were gathered around, and I was preaching at the circular stairs after a band finished playing. I was preaching repentance, and compassion. And at one point I asked us all to pray, and all of a sudden I started crying out to God into the sky and started pleading for him come.

I just kept repeating "Come! Come! Come! Holy spirit Come!"
Jarrett and his guys started crying out to God with us, and as well as nameless faces (strangers I didn't know).

Then the clouds rumbled, I heard thunder, the clouds started rolling back and a golden thread of mist or some type of spacial looking thing cast down what looked like a smoke ring shaped cloud of dust around me and the guys in Missions and the two/three other nameless strangers and it encompassed us.

Then that vision faded away.

It turned into another vision of me speaking at a fairly big church of 300 people at the most.
I was filled with the holy spirit and started prophesying that I could sense a spirit of self righteousness in the room, and started rebuking them by saying "Woe is you. Who are you to judge the Children of God?" and continued further.

That faded out, and I was preaching somewhere else at another Church and was preaching at an A.C.T. service before Missions was about the play the ending song, and I was speaking about how we need to be romantically in love with Jesus and his great love for us.

I started calling people forward, crying out and pleading them to come forth. People started coming forward and were crying and bawling their eyes out, I got on my knees and was crying out to God, prophesying over the purpose of some teenagers who came up front, and was praying a spirit of Driven Fire over their lives.

Jonathan, I've never experienced anything like this.

When I woke up, Jesus told me "Daniel, Son, this is only the beginning. This Summer's only the beginning. Not only for you, or A.C.T., but my Violent wave of Love is going to Crash on this Country. It's only just begun."