My family and I are walking the way of Abraham of old.  If you trust your history and the great men we read of in history then you will find great comfort in studying these men and their lives.  Sometimes we find more comfort in the past then we do in the present or the foreseeable future.  Abraham was blessed because when God said, "Go" he went.  His journey led to no-where-ville, he left what was familiar, a place where he knew the order of things, to a unknown invisible world of following a voice from heaven.

How many people do you know in your life that is doing something like Abraham?  Do you realize that every great person in our history books either was touched by the heavens with a vision?  Without vision the people perish, why is that so?  Vision has to do with the invisible coming into our reality.  Think about it, you dream everyday about doing something better then right what you are doing right now.  Some are dreaming of a beach front condo, a sweet ride on a Harley, a better and more conditioned body, a beautiful woman or great loving guy, etc..  Where do these kind of dreams come from?  They come from your mind or heart, you look forward to things that you think you will enjoy or make your life better.

The invisible world of Abraham was much different then our typical dream life.  He was promised the world but did not get for quite some time.  As time wore on Abraham, like us, grew impatient.  Sometimes the ground became dry, sometimes inter conflict within his family caused separation, sometimes his own fears encouraged him to do things that were flat out wrong, but all that said Abraham plodded on and kept his eyes on the invisible to experience the invisible in the visible world.

Did you get what I just said?  What are you dreaming about today?  Are you basing your dreams on God's voice of the supernatural and perfection of His heaven, or are you wrapped up in your earthly and self-terminating desires?  

In conversations with a young people who are very intent on planning their future down to the detail, I find that these kind of individuals plan for success in the way of the natural man, like most of us, they are trying to solve today's problems with stuff they can wrap their mind around.

For instance,  if you are in high school you are told that going to college and getting a four year B.S. degree is essential to success.  If you buy this as your reality, you have purchased a very generic promise: it has no details and comes with no money back guarantee.  But young people by the millions are being taught that they must to college get a four year B.S. degree in order to find success.  

Where are those who got the best education?  They are not the ones who flipped the history books upside-down.  What makes for success is hearing the voice of God and doing what He leads you to do.  A four or five year B.S. degree for many is part of God's plan but for many who struggle to fit into this scheme it just adds to the confusion as they seek to find God's will for their lives.

God has new invisible plans for the rising generation.  He has a new economy that will team and bristle with new ideas, on the topics of energy, commerce, transportation, community, communication, education, conservation, and a better family life.  Yet we continue to tell 80% of all the kids in our public high schools that a college education is the ticket to success.  This word is dead because the colleges do not have the answer to solve tomorrow’s problems because they operate on the seen and not on the unseen world that is coming to invade the planet.

Those of us who live in God's presence and seek His counsel, don't fit into the fabric of this world, but that's cool that's the way it is supposed to be!  God is releasing new orders from heaven concerning worship, church life, community, music, body life, etc.  God doesn't sit back and trust the educational institutions to do His work, He raises up individuals who carry out His new plans.  This is God's way from the very beginning of time!

Today look to the invisible God and ask Him with an open heart, "what do you want me to do for You today and tomorrow?"  I guarantee you that Our heavenly Father will respond to you personally and you and I will find out real quick that our peers will not embrace the plans that God is releasing unless they too are looking heavenward and in a heavenly way.  This world operates to keep and maintain the status quo, so don't live to better yourself in the status quo live to make a name for yourself in heaven.

Blessings in His Name,