“Strike the doorposts and the foundations will be shaken”

Do you know where this verse comes from in the Bible?  This verse is found in 

Amos 9:1:  

I saw the Lord standing by the altar, and He said: "Strike the doorposts, that the thresholds may shake, And break them on the heads of them all. I will slay the last of them with the sword. He who flees from them shall not get away, And he who escapes from them shall not be delivered.

This verse has been grabbing my heart since 2006.  I can't seem to understand why it is so important for me to keep staring at it and wonder to myself, "what are the doorposts and how do I strike them".  We have been led by the Spirit to believe God for a move of the Spirit at such a magnitude that an entire city will be taken for Him,  As I mediate on this reality in God, then things start to make sense.

A door is the entrance into a distinct dwelling.  For your body house, your heart, the seat of your emotions, is a door. Your literal house has a door which is the way of entrance into your home!  For a city it is the seat of government, or the entrance into the city from a major road or highway.  The Lord is telling you and me to position ourselves at the gate and at the door!

Was Amos commanded to strike the doorposts that made up the Israelites houses of worship or their city, or the homes?  These are the places where God should dwell but because of sin and idolatry His Spirit has departed long ago.  If I then as Amos was commanded to do, "Speak or Prophesy!" to the entrance of the house of God, places formerly filled with the Word of God.

If I am faithful then the Lord will come and shake everything to bring everyone to their knees and surrender to God's Justice.  Three weeks ago I prophesied that devastation was coming to New York area, I did not know what I was saying, but the Lord was warning through my preaching and sharing that He was coming to make a reckoning of the banking industry which we now know is under Satan's influence. 

I told the guys from Sleeping Giant when they were here during TBTS that the banks are under Satan's influence in particular the way they manipulate the numbers and in essence play with people's lives!  Usury is run amuck which is nothing more then oppression of the poor!  Our greed is not just in the leadership it flows all the way down to the poor of our land.

When Bill Clinton involved himself in sexual improprieties in the Oval Office he reflected our morals as a nation.  The greed that marked the market in the 90's has caught up with corporate America and now the banking industry is being judged for taking advantage of families who have been devastated by the realities of 911 and all the jobs being taken to other countries where labor rates are much lower.   

Our leaders are going to go under examination as this crisis unfolds, will they allow the big guys to reposition their money and the typical American family struggling to make ends meet watch their home values drop from when they purchased in the last few years. who purchased homes in the last 4 or 5 years are struggling to make it today.  Will these leaders of the banking industry and our government create options that will enable their pockets to be increased while the working families in America continue to file for bankruptcy and tighter and tighter finances. 

This is a shaking that is absolutely necessary to bring us back together as families and as communities.  The only way for us to make it through this shaking is to stay very close to Christ which what we should have been doing all along, Amen.  The striking to me is the word of God spoken boldly to church people; things that are hard to say but absolutely necessary for blessing to fall on our churches.

In His Name,