Listen, My Beloved,

Everywhere you look today, look for love…you will see me.

See love in the eyes of family and friends

See love in the eyes of a stranger.

Wherever you go today, know that I am there.

I am in the deepest valley and on the highest mountaintop.

I am in the darkest shadows and the brightest light.

I live within your heart as peace, strength, and hope.

Beloved, follow your heart today, and trust Me.

Trust Me for guidance in all that you do.

Follow your heart today, and give of yourself.

Share love—My love that lives deep in your heart.

Share joy – the joy that springs from love –with everyone.

Beloved, I am your light, your life, your unending sources of goodness.

Today, walk in My light.

Today, live with faith in your heart.

Today, live with a new understanding of who you are…

My Beloved.


You are My Beloved…  Peace and Love always    J. Mitchell