This is the year to fight in the spirit realm. We have always known that a war wages in the heavens, right above our collective heads. This year a door has been opened to help us wrestle with principalities and powers and to win those battles, to take territory back that has been lost, and to recover stolen goods. 

Yes, Satan has stolen much from the people of God, those who walk with Him, those who seek His face. There are items that have our name emblazoned on them that sit in the enemy’s camp. It’s time to sound the alarm again, to get up off the couch of soulish comfort and work with the host of heaven.

Time is moving faster and faster. The end is near. Don’t get caught napping when the Bridegroom appears in the middle of the night. He has not informed us of His return because He wants us to believe it could be today. So today if you hear His voice and are called by His Name you must go and find your spiritual weapons, clean them off, and prepare your mind and your heart for battle.

This is a good war, a battle for truth, a battle for souls, a battle for peace, and a battle for unity in the Body. To go public with our efforts to bring back the spoken word in the public square. To show off Christ in a godly way, to bring forth good news in truth and in love.

To love the castoff and the wandering soul. To recover sight to the blinded eyes and to restore the broken home. To bring the children back to the parents, parents back to children, and to bring back siblings to siblings. To recover all that was lost in the intervening years.

God has not changed His mind about us, about His people and about this nation we call America. He loves this nation and will bring restoration to us if we are willing to walk with Him and talk with Him in the garden in the cool of the day. To fill up our hearts with His words and promises.

As a man thinks so he is, as a man talks so he is, we are our words we are our thoughts, so let’s think better this year. Let’s imagine a better world with better things. Let’s live again. Let’s walk together as one. This is what the Lord wants; this activity reveals His heart for people.

Let’s come out of our circles of comfort and invest ourselves in new circles of influence, let’s open our mind to new thoughts and a new way. This is hard but if we just make ourselves available He will fill us up with His might and power and it will happen. Don’t think you can do anything; all we can do is be available for service. He will guide us to the people that need us and want us to share our hearts with them.

The government of Jesus is upon His shoulders, the world belongs to Him, He and only He earned it by obedience and by the letting of His blood. He is so special, no one can compare with His Person, no one did what He did in human flesh. He is God Almighty He is Lord over all Creation, the earth belongs to Him. No one and no thing can stop His influence in all of culture and in all of world affairs.

Israel and Jerusalem are still the apple of His eye. No group of people no matter how strong will tear away the Land from His People. His people are His people because He chooses them to be not because of their outstanding virtue, not because of their amazing intelligence but simply because of His choice.


Salvation belongs to the Lord, he owns the music of the heart and can play its strings; He makes men, women, and children willing in the Day of His Power, let us never forget.


Without Him no one would seek the Lord or His Kingdom. We have all gone astray and we have all gone our own way. But He is the True Shepherd of His Sheep. We are the sheep of His pasture, any person, from any tribe or culture, can come into His fold and walk among His sheep and be counted part of His family. 

This is the year to build anew. To start again those works that lay far back in the recesses of our mind and in the back parts of our private storage places. Things that He has opened our eyes to see, things that our hearts have a will to do, things which He has equipped us to perform for His glory.

This is year and a time to stand up and look down on our enemy. To get out from underneath. To call forth the powers of heaven to fight on our behalf. To release the powers of light and truth to confront the power of darkness and deceit. The battle is the Lord’s, dear people, the battle is the Lord’s, we just have to give Him our heart requests, this we do by our faith and in His willingness to do it for us.

Songs mark any time of His refreshment, His revivals, so let the songs of heaven come forth and strengthen our step. New sounds, new words, fresh understanding that open the mind and the heart to see heaven, an open heaven is so beautiful.

The church is the people the people are the church. Let no one think that he is the church exclusively. Let no man think he can command this army. No, we need the Holy Spirit to be our Moses, to guide us and inform us how to win the battle, where to go and fight, where to go and rest, where to go and eat and sleep.

We cannot do this work; only He can do it, so we wait for His alarm sounds and His soul impressions.  We wait for His empowerment. We wait for His words to come to our understanding. Yes, we wait for the call to arms, faith is our shield and the Word is our sword. Are they fit for battle? Only you can determine, only you can truly know how ready you are to fight this epic fight based solely on faith not physical power.

Yes the weak can become strong, the old can renew their strength in Him. All those who believe can watch. Or we can engage on a daily basis, to open our hearts to His will and seek to learn anew His way.


Let us rise up and let stand and lean forward with expectation of what He will do. Let us see this all the way through to victory. Amen