We have come to a time and a place in human history where the word “change” has  been high-jacked by the weakest of men and the most tired of institutions, so much so, that the word “change” means everything and anything but does not inspire true and real change we need at this time.  Offering “change” doesn't always mean a turn toward the improvement of our quality of life, though portrayed as such, and yet, never delivering the promised lasting impact it first offered us.

In a very strong effort to move people to so something different in tough times, the word ”change” has been used quite loosely, so much so that the word has lost its ability to instigate real and lasting change.  

Just as the word “revival” has been highjacked so often by those who want to sensationalize the word “revive” by preying on the emotionally weak. These flesh-oriented preachers seek to drum up the crowd for something that the people should have already been experiencing if they are walking in the Spirit of G-d.  With all these efforts to breath life into our churches by offering revival service after revival service, we still have yet to see that our desired revivals still tarry.

We are calling God's people back to the fundamental problem we must all deal with –-- our sins and our need to really repent.  Change will never happen unless we turn and meet our requirement to walk before the Lord in truth and love our brothers and sisters in His Grace.  Only when we seek the Lord with all of our heart will “real” change take place.

All that has been offered on any large scale of change and “revival” has amounted to nothing less then rhetoric.  It's time for the real thing.  All that we have observed has been geared to motivate the masses, when in reality, we personally need to turn back to G-d and repent and give Him our life.  

The word “change” has so many useful motivations for the oligarchy maintaining control of world affairs, these power brokers of the world system cunningly devise schemes to titillate the population that real answers exist in the political arena.  When these attempts are nothing more then emotionalism cloaked in policies that are intended to increase control of people.

Real, positive, and lasting change come only when leaders who call for “change” get off their butts and produce something that is really different.  Lasting and productive change will only come to those who are willing to get off their rear ends and “do” something risky that will inspire real change and persevere with that work until real “change” comes to pass. 

When G-d seeks to move a man and our a nation in a new direction, The L-rd raises up men to speak of G-d's order and His will for His people and His nations.  These kind of men and women are wrapped up in the words of God, they have died to the status quo and have become a part of the “change” themselves, they live in a way that inspires real and lasting change for everyone who knows them.  

In the last week I have been writing about suffering for Christ for the cause of being a christian or “little” christs.  As Peter instructed us, let us not suffer as an evil doer like a murderer, thief, or busybody in other people's matters.  Let us rather, as today's born again believer, not suffer as a wild unmanageable insurrectionist as we see and feel a new rebellion taking over the land from christian circles.  

In our time, many “little” christs are going to suffer because they feel so strongly about the poor direction of our country, they will attempt to inspire millions to fight for change in militant fashion, but these shallow plans will fall short of their intended goal.  Theocratic christian nationalism has failed every time it has been attempted in our USA.  Let's not ignore our national problems, but lets also keep a very sharp eye on our own hearts before we attempt to move others forward in G-d's kingdom and encourage political action, let's not be swept away with earthly expectations. 

Godly change that causes the rise of “new life” in the world, will come as G-d's people recognize the times and the seasons we are facing.  As Dan.11:32 reveals, “those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery, but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

G-d's plan is to establish change inside of us, personally.  We must come to the place where we realize that our lives are owned by the Maker and Creator of the Universe, that our lives are under G-d's supreme control.  While I was yet lost and alienated from my G-d because of my sins, Christ died for me and saved me to sit with Him in heaven forever.  

Your way, no matter how uncertain, is wrapped up in the will of G-d.  Are you still stuck in the man-centered view that your decisions create a robotic chain of events that cause us to experience a life filled with either success or failure?  Do you believe that only the smartest, most privileged, and hardest working people make it?

The word of G-d reminds us that, “the meek shall inherit the earth.” The Darwinian model has been projected onto the church of our day.  Darwinism combined with the hangover of “modernism” from the baby-boom generation, have subtlety crept into our thinking and created a false view of prosperity and in the social hierarchy of G-d's world.  

G-d's heavenly blessings fall on the poor of spirit and of heart.  The lower we go in the estimation of men the higher we are in G-d's esteem.  Personal change, revival of the soul, parallels change on a larger scale.  Our steps have to change direction and location.  

To really change we have to get our butt up off the couch and the preoccupation of sport and entertainment, and give God our time.  

Our mind must turn toward a place of sobriety.  Change is coming to America, and most are not ready for it!  The external changes that are coming will create unease and uncertainty.  Change is coming whether it is prognosticated or not.  And our God is orchestrating this change, not our leaders.  What will you do in response to God's move to bring change before your eyes?

Ps. 55:19 reminds us, “God will hear, and afflict them, Even He who abides from of old. Selah. Because they do not change, Therefore they do not fear God.”

The G-d I serve, breaks into time quite frequently and performs miracles that defy nature and the plans of men, just to show off His power and might.  As G-d, He reserves the privilege to intrude into our world to show that the history of man belongs to Him.  “Change” then is a product of His sovereign design.  My way and your way are in the hands of G-d, whether we acknowledge that truth or choose to ignore to our own peril.  

I say this knowing that some of you will want to introduce choice, G-d raises the dead and also inspires the “dead” to pray for real change.

Somehow our prayers and our faith are deeply imbedded in forming our way.  If you are a Bible believing christian, and you study your Bible carefully, we learn that the Bible doesn't record the works of mediocrity.  Yet mediocrity is on display everyday, even without reservation.  So a G-d-arranged change is coming to remind the masses that G-d is in control of world affairs and the changing of the seasons.

Change is necessary and change requires a new brand of leadership.  We must think different and we must act different toward our neighbors.  The days are coming when our lives will be much more fragile, not just economically, but real physical danger lurks just around the corner.  We need a higher level of discernment to know what is really going on, we should be asking, “what is G-d doing?” and be very aware of the sinister manipulations of men's mind by the work of Satan's lying tongue.

Let us realize that those who have prepared themselves for this season are going to be way ahead of those who have not awakened from their stupor to see the real social landscape of our times.  The American experiment is running out of steam.

Join with me today by seeking the L-rd with all your heart.  If you seek Him with all your heart, change will come to your never dying soul and you will see real change  come into your life!

Many Blessings,