What holds for the future and 2019

Riots and more riots, emergency broadcast announcements, temporary bank runs, and marshal law will mark the first half of this year.

Our nation and the world is at a breaking point after decades of media driven falsehood and deception in the worlds of science, international conflict, and operation of our financial markets. More humans will come to know this year that there exists an incredible Satanic monolith seeking to control the thoughts of men through mind control and emotional programming.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As we have observed over the last few years the proliferation of doomsday prophets preaching rapture and endtime tribulation,  this work will continue as more surreal events occur. Preaching on end times will fill up the internet which has already been buzzing about the Rapture and Armageddon. These words will be used more regularly in conversation this year by unbelievers.

As these words circulate worldwide there will be a spiritual awakening that we haven’t witnessed for centuries. People worldwide are going to seek for truth and their Creator because they are scared witless and need answers.

The visible building-based churches will continue to be replaced with the smaller house church model. Pastors who have been hiding from declaring the truth to their congregations will be exposed as spineless and weak teachers of the Word of God and the sheep will hunger for more than self help and motivational sermons. A hunger for the Word will intensify.

The division in the US will begin to heal and take a turn toward unity as more and more “truth” goes public as the evil power structure is exposed. A new “truth” media for the mainstream will emerge to feed the truth starved population and it will turn a profit.

Families will come together like never before to protect themselves from the perceived chaos around them. This is by the Almighty’s design.

The Church’s teaching of our time will not be about happiness and materialism; preaching will contain more sermons with intense simple Gospel-framed messages, and Cross-centered preaching will return. Salvation is by means of ONE Name and only ONE Name, Jesus Christ, Yahshua, Son of God, Son of Man.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached with greater clarity and understanding of the person Jesus Christ. The reason this happens is due to the climate of the times. The end is near so the sojourner starts to think and plan for eternity and needs to know more of the eternal state and the welfare of his never dying soul.

Once a sojourner realizes that eternity can be accessed the moment he or she cries out to be saved from the wrath to come they will repent and turn to Yahshua. This will be understood experientially at the heart level in the depths of the soul. Once confession is made of sin and a cry echos out of the spirit for deliverance, a sinner will see Jesus high and lifted up and enter into the eternal state and they know they are saved in their heart of hearts.

The love and mercy of God in salvation will be appreciated by more and more of the world population as the end of age approaches. When their nation is on fire the citizens will see that material things just don’t matter. This is a good thing for the human race, as many as call upon the Name of the Lord they shall be saved.

Heavenly minded people will be more and more visible, the public square will allow the preacher to enter the discourse. This will enliven the spirit of many who are sitting and waiting for their opportunity to serve the King.

A new order in the world finance and government will gain energy this year worldwide. This change will set the stage for prosperity in places where poverty dominates. Renewal and Restoration will be the words describing this positive change. The role of man and woman will be reestablished to blow away the fog that has set upon the minds of men regarding the definition of the sexes.

New technologies will emerge to solve big problems. Certain health truths will continue to develop as the populations of the world realize the detriment of controlling food production and distribution with a handful of large centralized corporate and nationalized entities. Cancer will take some death blows as large pharmaceuticals are exposed hiding data that reveal existing cures to cancer that have been hidden from the public.

Energy discoveries will come to light. The realization of the need for a new electrical grid will have to be considered based on the vulnerabilities realized by eminent attacks due to the chaos that was put together by the evil empire seeking to hold power. A national infrastructure initiative will be put in place to bolster the economy.

News is not news. It’s a world of controlled propaganda to manipulate public opinion to serve the work of the demonic legions ruling the kingdoms of the world. This intensified work of deception will continue to increase throughout this year as the truth gets more attention.

Scripture will become more clear to those who are called to preach the Word to the confused masses. The struggle will be to get to the people. Creativity has to be employed to get the Word to the people who need it the most.

What people struggle with organizing all the information we are receiving from the alternative news sources. The new age movement is taking hold of the “truth” movement. Aliens and demons are being exposed as “real” to confuse the masses. Only true believers who know how to battle in the spirit realm will be able to push back the darkness that inspires the “alien deception”.

Learning how to spiritually guide the ignorant in the USA will be key. Simplicity must mark the message of the those called to preach the Gospel.

Spiritual warfare will continue intensify as manifestations increase of the evil that flows out of the abyss. Our prayers must be confrontational against evil so the person praying must pray in faith. As in the days of Joshua in order for Israel to win battles as they took possession of the Promise Land, some battles required the arms of Moses be held up to carry Joshua & Caleb to victory.

A new work of the super supernatural of the miraculous will touch our modern world to combat the illusion that modern technology can produce. Example would be like unto Joshua and Caleb during the war with the Amorites. What would the new agers and scientists do if the sun would be stilled to extend the amount of daylight for the sole purpose of allowing the righteous to win a battle?

So the sun stood still, And the moon stopped, Till the people had revenge Upon their enemies.

Is this not written in the Book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day. Joshua 10:13

The national educational system in America will begin the process of being given back to the states. Each part of our nation will be allowed to develop their own method of educating their population. States rights will be a working issue that eventually will become the law of the land in America.

Inventions will increase. The application of high speed communication will take more and more space in everyday life. Driverless cars and trucks will not be deterred. Men and women that are teachers at the college level will be challenged to train the next generation of students to compete in a world gone mad with high speed communication.

More experimentation with DNA and the application to the rising generation will continue. Pure madness will drive those who seek to control the population in order to remove from the scene those who resist their emotional and mental control tactics.

More mental health issues will be brought forward. The human mind can only handle so much information in a day. Some people can handle more data than others, but most of our young people will start to wear out from overexposure of the fast paced glittering array of eye candy dotting their phone screens.

The spiritual discerning ones will see the end game and will warn the rest. The battle will wage and truth will win in this next season of human history. The Lord is merciful and kind and slow to wrath, He desires not one sinner to perish. Hope will increase in this year as good triumphs over evil.

May the Lord bless this word of encouragement to your soul.

Peace in and through the blood of Jesus Christ,