Open letter to tired and weary sojourners on their way to a city who builder and maker is G-d.

Dear fellow born again believer in Yeshua, if you today sense that your life is on hold, you are not alone.  Our family of nine people has been waiting and waiting for the Lord G-d Almighty to show us His way.  We are very tired and alone. We are looking to the only resource, the only power, and the only comfort that we need....  G-d the Father and the sweet and loving ministry of His Son through the gift He sent -- the Holy Spirit.

We have gone past telling ourselves everything is going to be OK.  We are past words and platitudes.  We need today an outpouring of Love and Peace that only My G-d can supply.  Are you with me dear soldier of the cross?  Do you know anything about this waiting process?  I hope that we this day can come to the place where we will simply love G-d despite what He gives us to deal with.  The things we must endure to be called soldier in His Army.  

Yes, we all are living in world of chaos and unsettledness.  The world is spinning out of control.  Everything is shaking. While it shakes, Our L-rd Yeshua is raising up a new breed of disciple.  Just like He personally accomplished almost 2000 years ago.  Those who hear His Voice and continue to hear His voice.  Those who will submit to His training methods.  Those who will let Him take everything away if He wants to show us how to be happy with nothing in the bank, no job, and no security.  

He must personally train and pluck out of the wilderness His precious ones.  Those who have had enough of playing the game and trying to look good to our friends in society and in our churches.  Pleasing our earth-minded pastors building kingdoms for themselves, being accomplices to them, enabling them by doing whatever they say without taking all that they present to us and direct their words to the Throne of heaven to ask His righteous opinion.

Yes, dear friend, fellow sufferer, we are on a new journey.  We must face our giants of doubt and fear.  These are the giants that effectively stopped our dreams in the past.  They effectively blocked our gospel endeavors born simply out of love for sinners to do whatever the L-rd told us to do to win them to Himself.  

No more waiting for the blessing of the fathers of our time.   The children of the 50's and 60's who are still acting like the world revolves around them.  A generation that spawned and helped develop the doctrine of "self"  Walking and being in the fashion of the wilderness generation that circled the wilderness of Sinia to their ultimate death.  No, we must ask the G-d of heaven to supply us the right way, His ordained way to live and be in this very challenging time in world history.  Why?  Because He is so merciful and so kind.

We are not going to be politically manipulated by any media outlet, especially those who are christianizing our nation through that channel.  No more rhetoric.  No more talking heads.  Not the latest conservative or liberal hot dog waving his or her suggestion on how we will fix things if we vote differently.  No more saber rattling to win another man-centered gimmick that lands us in hollow short-lived happiness.   

We have been through this before and it hasn't changed America.   We just want to do what our G-d in heaven says.  We are not going to play the game just to keep our position at our place of employment or in the church. We are going to stand up and be what we were called to be the day we accepted Yeshua into our heart.   We are going to let Him be King of us, our life, our family, and our way of living.  

What has been true for 2000 years continues to be true in our time.  This world hates us just because of who lives on the inside of us.  Just because we love the Jesus who died to save us.  We are under His tutelage and we listen only to His voice.  No man owns us.  Even if He wants us to serve world masters as slaves we will do it knowing that we are already free in Him.  If a man claiming our allegience says to us, "I love G-d and I will minister to you, I will serve you, I will wash your feet", we will listen carefully, we will perk up and take notice, but we will watch him carefully.  

We will not fall prey to mere lip service, fancy suits and great oratory, we will not be convinced with just words or anything that impresses in the natural realm.  We will not give up our time and hand over our best years to a religious order or cause.  We will stand with the apostles who said in effect, "give me death and Yeshua, I want Him more then life and the worship of idols".

We are living for Him, and we are really trusting Him to take care of us, this is a new thing.  We are not thinking in the American or western way of thought.  We don't ask G-d to bless our way to make it here in the style of an American dream.  No, we have gospel dreams.  

We ask instead for the wisdom of heaven to be poured into our ravished hearts, to reveal the new and fresh things that will remake things here in our time.  We are members of the reconciliation crowd, calling men and women and boys and girls to be reconciled to G-d, NOW, TODAY if you hear His voice, not tomorrow, not next year, not if G-d does this or that for you, He's done everything and He wants to do for you TODAY.  

We don't care what you call yourself or who you worship: Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Jew, Lutheran, Pentecostal, New Age, Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, 7th Day Adventist, Satanist, Freemason, yes, even you who love to Hate, you are our concern.  To begin a discussion.  To discuss a peace treaty with the G-d Almighty.  To make arrangements for peace with the Supreme Judge of all the universe. To live forever.  To know the depths of peace.  To be free from guilt and shame.  

How many people have died to save you from certain calamity?  Even if they have, did they rescue you from yourself? Did they deliver you from the unknown Judge of all mankind?  Did they plead your cause before the invisible, yet real, Maker of the Universe?  Did they save you from you?

Why the delays dear people of G-d?  Because we need them.  We still think in the earthy American way.  We still are attached to the stuff of this world.  We still think we are better then others.  We still have alot of self that has to be burned out of us.  

Let His Hand mold you and me today.  We don't know how to be or what really pleases Him... yet.... we are learning at His Feet and here we will stay.  

May the peace of the L-rd Christ rest upon you today,